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Creating a Task

To watch the tutorial about creating tasks. Click here. 

In the main navigation menu click on _Projects > New Task._

Fill out the details of the task.

An example for task _Title_:  "Design Website Wireframes".
Under _Attached To,_ select the resource this task is assigned to. Tasks can be assigned to projects, clients, leads, etc.
Under _Assigned Users_, select the user the task is assigned to. You can start typing the name of one of your users and select each assigned user from the list.
(Optional) Under _Progress_, identify the starting progress for your task. This should be a whole number between 1 -100. This will help others monitoring this task know how close to completion the task is. For example a task may have a starting progress of 0, as team members start working with the task they can track their progress by adjusting this number to notify others of their progress.

From the Status section you can choose from any of the system statuses in the drop down menu. The status you assign here will be the starting status for the task (For example: Pending or a custom status of Past Due or Urgent). NOTE: A new status can be created in the _Add Status_ screen in the navigation menu under _Projects_.

(Optional) Add a the start date and time of the task. A deadline can also be set to the task.

Add any details of the task necessary for all users to successfully complete the task.

(Optional)  By clicking on the _Add Note_ link, user notes can be added about the task. These notes will be viewable for every user following the task or project.

Once you are finished, click the _Create New Task_ button.

To view all tasks: 

Go to _Projects > View Tasks_ in the main navigation menu. New tasks can also be added from this screen, by clicking on the _Add Task_ button in the upper right hand corner. 

Updated on: 10/30/2019

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