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Creating a Project

To watch the video tutorial on creating projects. Click here. 

On the navigation bar click on _Projects_ > _New Project_.

Fill out the title of the project, for example "Website".

Choose which client this project will be assigned to using the drop down menu or leave empty for an internal project.

Choose who (if any) will be assigned to this project. You can start typing the name of one of your users and select each assigned user from the list.

Under _Current Status,_ choose the relevant status of the project from the drop down menu. The status you assign here will be the starting status for the project. NOTE: If the relevant status is not available, you can create a new status by clicking on _New Status_ under _Projects_ in the main navigation bar.

(Optional) You can add a start date and time and deadline to the project click on each of the boxes to populate the necessary information.

(Optional) You can estimate time (in hours) for this project to help you track the estimated versus actual time spent on projects.

Finally, enter any additional details about the project in the _Details_ section.

To finish, click the _Create New Project_ button.

Updated on: 09/09/2021

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