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Setting up an Invoice

In order to send an invoice you must have already created a new client. Click here to set up a new client.

To watch the tutorial about creating invoices. Click here. 

Select _Invoices > New Invoice_ from the navigation menu.

Select the client under the _To_ drop down menu.

If this is your first invoice, enter in an invoice number (ex. 1001). NOTE: You will need to determine your invoice numbering system before creating your first invoice as the invoice numbering will be automatically generated after the first one is created.

Under the _Item_ column, select the billable item and adjust the quantity as needed.

(Optional) Add multiple items by clicking on the +/- icon to the right.

(Optional) Send a note with an invoice, this will be viewable by the receiver.

To finish, click _Save_ button.

To send the invoice to a client, click here to see how to Send an Invoice.

Updated on: 10/30/2019

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