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Set up recurring invoices

To watch the video tutorial on recurring invoices. Click here.

Open the invoices tab in your navigation menu to the left.

Click on the New Recurring Invoices tab

Select Client

Set purchase order or invoice # (after the first invoice is entered it will automatically populate in future invoices)

Schedule the invoice by selecting the start date

Schedule the number of times an invoice will be sent out and how many times that process should be repeated.

An example below shows that the invoice is scheduled to be sent out on 07/14/2017. This invoice will be sent monthly and will be repeated 6 times = 7 monthly invoices. 

Select line item

Add additional line items by using the +/- icons at the right of the screen. You can also use this function to delete any line items that you don't need.

(Optional) Write notes on the invoice that are visible to the client.

Save to finish

You have created your invoice, to learn how to send the invoice click here. 

To watch the tutorial about creating invoices. Click here. 

Updated on: 09/29/2022

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