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Send an Invoice

After you have created and saved an invoice with SWELL you are ready to send it to your client for payment.
To watch the tutorial about creating invoices. Click here. 

Select "View Invoices" in your SWELL dashboard.

Select the "view" option of the invoice you want to send under the "Actions" column.

Select the green "Send Invoice" button at the bottom right of the page. The invoice will be sent to the email you have setup for that client.

(Optional) Generate a PDF by clicking on the "Generate PDF" button to keep as a paper copy or send via mail carrier.

On this page you can also edit/view/add payments for this specific invoice.

If you want to be able to accept payments within SWELL you will need to integrate your existing Stripe account. To learn more, click here.

Updated on: 10/30/2019

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