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Importing your contact list can be completed by importing a .CSV,  .XLS, or .XLSX file from your computer.

To watch the video tutorial on importing and exporting. Click here.

To import your existing Contacts:

On the main navigation bar click on _Contacts_ > _View Contacts._

Click on the drop down arrow on the _Add Contact_ button in the upper right corner.

Select the _Import from CSV_ option from the drop down.

From here you can import contacts directly from your computer, by choosing your desired file. Then clicking the _Import CSV or Excel File_ button. NOTE: Ensure that the excel or CSV file only contains one worksheet in the file.

You will be redirected to a new screen. Here you will select the matching column heading with the drop down menu in SWELL with the matching column heading of your imported file (scroll to the right for more columns).
Click _Save_ after each column heading is selected**_._** If you have a column that you do not want to include into SWELL, click _Skip_.

Click _Import Contacts_ after you have selected column headings.

Your contacts have then been imported!

(Recommended) Always save a backup of your documents on your computer!

To Export Contacts from SWELL: 

To Export your contacts list to an Excel file or a CSV file, click on the green desired file path.

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