You have the option to use SWELLEnterprise from your own custom domain.  

Connecting your custom domain to SWELLEnterprise

Login to where you purchase/manage your domains DNS settings.  

You can choose to connect your primary domain or create a subdomain on your domain if you choose (for example "myapp")

If you want to point your primary domain for example to SWELL:

Create a CNAME record for your domain and with the value

If you want to point a subdomain of your primary domain ( to SWELL:

Create a new CNAME record with the name you want to use, in this example I will use "swell" and point it to

In the below example, we will be pointing a subdomain of to SWELL (for example "swell") so that it would become

Wait for the update (propagation) to take place, for some providers this will be instantly but it could take up to 24-48 hours depending on some providers.

You can test your new CNAME using a tool like

Setting up your custom domain

Click on your user menu in the top right and go to company Settings:

Note: you must have administrative access to modify company wide settings

Scroll to the bottom of your company settings where you see "custom domain".  You will need to fill out this field and you should have already with the domain or with the subdomain you are pointing to swell. This must match the domain name you will be setting up SWELL on.

Click the Update Settings button once you have filled out the custom domain field.

You will receive an email if your domain and ssl certificate that was issues were created successfully.

Upon confirmation that your domain and certificate are ready to use, Clear browser caches or open a new private (incognito) window to test your new domain/subdomain connection and you should be ready to ride

Otherwise, you will receive an email to inform you there was an issue and you will need to contact support. This will most likely be due to domain or propagation issues so please allow enough time for domain changes to resolve.

Note: A records will no longer work with our domain settings and can't be used.
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