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How to create and embed a form

In order to create a form that you can link to or embed on your website, you will need to do a couple of things before you get started.

First, make sure you have the Forms module enabled by going to Company Settings > Modules > Forms and turn on.

Click on your username to see the settings options.
Click on ( Company settings )
Click on Modules tab
Scroll down until you see the form and make sure it is turned on.
Click on update settings to save.

Now let's create our first Form.  In this example I will create a form that will automatically create a lead in SWELL when someone fills out this form on our website.

On the left menu, find Forms and click on New Form

If you have not already generated a token, you may need to create one.  Follow the link in Step 5 to generate a token and then return to the Forms screen.

Next you will want to choose what happens when the form is submitted.  You can for example, create a new lead or attach the form to a specific lead or client (in this case think of something like sending a satisfaction survey to a client when a project is completed).  

In any case, choose where you will attach this form.  In our example we will choose Create New Leads.

Because I chose "Create New Leads", some form fields were automatically added to my form.  This is because these are fields we match to our database.  You can remove any fields you don't need and add fields to the form.

Drag and drop your form fields from the toolbox to your form to start building.  Hover over any form field to edit its properties.

When done, click the Save button to grab your embed code.

When you save your form you should see the form preview, link to the form and embed code on the next page.  

Now you can use the "Link to this page" URL to link directly to the form or you can use the embed code to embed the form on your website or other third-party.

Updated on: 09/08/2021

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