Some of our services appear not to be working at the moment.

Our team has been notified, and is working on sorting out the issue.

First off, we hate to see you go. We'd love to learn more about your situation and how we can continue to improve SWELLEnterprise for our users. Please feel free to chat with us or submit your feedback at

This article will walk you through how to cancel and remove your account and data from our system.
Please note, this is a permanent action and once deleted, data including files can not be recovered.

1) To cancel your account, click the user dropdown from the top navigation.

2) Navigate to your company settings page.

2) Click on the Account section.

3) Click the Deactivate My Account button

4) Choose the reason why you're leaving (this helps us continue to improve our product and understand our users.

5) The last step is to confirm you want to delete your account. Once you proceed through this step your account will be permanently removed from our system included data and files and your subscriptions will be canceled.

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