Importing and Exporting Tasks

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You can create all of your tasks at one time in an excel file or CSV and import them into SWELL at once. 

To watch the video tutorial on importing and exporting. Click here.

Importing your task list:

  1. In the main navigation bar click Projects < View Tasks.

2. Click the down arrow on the red button next to Add Task in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Click Import CSV.

4. Click Choose File and select the CSV file you want to import from your computer.

5. Click the Import CSV or Excel File button. 

6. From here, follow the steps to import your list by select the matching column heading with the drop down menu in SWELL with the matching column heading of your imported file. Then click Save. If you have a column that you do not want to include into SWELL, click Skip.

7. (Recommended) Always save a backup of your documents on your computer!

Exporting Tasks from SWELL:

  1. To Export your task list to an Excel file or a CSV file, click on the green desired file path.

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