How to setup your own custom domains to use SWELLEnterprise

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You have the option to use SWELLEnterprise from your own custom domain.  

In order to use custom domains, you must have already created your custom domain from your company settings:

Setting up your custom domain

Click on your user menu in the top right and click on company settings:
Note: you must have administrative access to modify company wide settings

Scroll to the bottom of your company settings where you see “custom domain”.  

Now, fill out your custom domain, for example:, this must match the domain name you will be setting up SWELL on.

Click the Update Settings button once you have filled out the custom domain fields.

Connecting your custom domain to SWELLEnterprise

Login to where you purchase/manage your domains DNS settings.  

If you want to point your primary domain ( to SWELL:
Locate the A record for your primary domain and update the IP address to point to

If you want to point a subdomain of your primary domain ( to SWELL:
Create a new A record with the name you want to use, in this example I will use “myapp” and point the subdomain to use the following IP address:

In the below example, we will be pointing the primary domain to our SWELL app, you can choose to also create a subdomain on your custom domain if you choose (for example “myapp”) so that it would become

Setup your SSL Certificate

  • From the SSL/TLS tab on Cloudflare, choose the “Full” SSL method and make sure it is set to “On”.

Redirect all traffic to the secure URL

  • On the SSL/TLS tab on Cloudflare, click on the Edge Certificates tab and scroll down to where you see “Always Use HTTPS” and verify that the toggle is set to “On”.  This will redirect all non-secure traffic to use your secure URL.

Wait for the update (propagation) to take place, for some providers this will be instantly but it could take up to 24-48 hours depending on some providers.
Hint: You can view your URL incognito/private browsing mode to see when your changes take place.

Test your new domain connection and you should be ready to ride 

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