How to setup a custom subdomain

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You may want to change the the default domain to use your own custom subdomain, for example

This is also the first step to using custom domain routing on your own domain so you can do things like

To get started, go to your company settings by following this link: or by clicking on your user dropdown menu in the top right. Note: you must have administrative access to edit company settings.

Next, scroll to the bottom of the primary tab of company settings until you locate the “subdomain” section.

Enter your subdomain as you would like it to appear, no spaces or special characters are allowed since this will be part of the URL.  For example, you can use “mycompany” or “my-company”.  Subdomains must be unique so it’s best to use your company name here.

Once done, hit Update Settings and you should be ready to shred!

Note: Once you change your company to use a subdomain, you will no longer be able to access the SWELL app at the default URL:, instead you should now use your subdomain to login and access the application (for example

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