Gmail or Gsuite Email Accounts Setup

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To securely Gmail and Gsuite connected (without Auth flow) users would first make sure IMAP is enabled in their google settings. 

Note: For Gsuite users this should be enabled for all users at Admin (Account) level.

For After that users should go to their google account settings from the top left navbar in gmail.. see below

Once in account settings users can go to Security tab and scroll to 

Signing in to Google and turn on 2 Step Authentication. Once 

2 Step Authentication is setup users should create an App Password.

In the first dropdown select Mail and the Second select Other

 Users can now enter their account email address and this generated password in swell. copy and paste the password in settings after selecting Gmail or Gsuite from the Mail provider dropdown. (if you type in the password do not include the spaces)

This will allow a secure connection between SWELLEnterprise and Gmail or GSuite

Note Enabling Secure Apps is no longer required with App Passwords

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