Editing a Client

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You can update, remove or add information to any client listed. To add a new client, click here.

  1. In the main navigation bar, click on Clients > View Clients. You can also access this from the side dashboard menu if added. 

2. There are multiple ways to edit clients. The short cut is the edit box under select all tab. Another option is to select the box next to the client you want to edit. Select the action drop down and the edit option. The client info will then be displayed. You can also edit in real time by clicking in the text field and typing in corrections. 

3. (Optional) In the Client Tag section while editing the client information, you can add keyword descriptions to help you identify this contact throughout the system. To create a tag simply type the tag word and press the Enter key on your keyboard. To remove a tag, click the x on each tag you would like to remove.

4. Click the Update Client button when finished.

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