Creating a New Client

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Clients are the foundation of this system. You will need to add clients to the application before you can do things such as creating projects, tasks, invoices, etc.
To watch the video tutorial, click here. 

  1. In the main navigation bar click on the people module: Clients> new clients . You can also access this from the side dashboard if added. 

2. Fill out the Company Info section about the new clients company.

3. The Primary Contact section should include the contact information for the primary contact of the new client. **The only required fields are first and last name, and email address. 

4. (Optional) You can choose to create a folder for this client automatically by checking the box “Create folder in file manager”

Creating a folder allows you to…

5. (Optional) In the Tags section you can add keyword descriptions to help you identify this contact throughout the system.
             a. Start by clicking the x to remove the default “Select or type and hit enter”.
             b. Now you can start typing to find keywords you have used previously.
             c. If you would like to create new tags simply type the tag and when done press the Enter key on your keyboard.

6. (Optional) You can choose to add a note to this client by clicking on Add Note. Notes will be logged to this client, this can be anything you like such as important information about the client, how you met or any other internal notes you would like to share with your team.

7. Once you are finished entering the new client information, click the Create New Client button.

To import a client list, follow this link.  

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