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The contacts section can be used to help you log contacts, vendors or contractors in to the system. You can add tags to contacts to make it easy to filter contacts by tags from the View Contacts page.

To watch the video tutorial on creating contacts. Click here.

  1. In the main navigation bar, click on the People Module> Contacts > New Contact.  You can also access this from the side dashboard if the item was previously added

2. Fill in the Company Info and Primary Contact section with information specific to the company you are creating. Please not the first/last name and email address are required. 

4. (Optional) In the Tags section you can add keyword descriptions to help you identify this contact throughout the system.
             a. Start by clicking the x to remove the default “Select or type and hit enter”.
             b. Now you can start typing to find keywords you have used previously.
             c. If you would like to create new tags simply type the tag and when done press the Enter key on your keyboard.

5. (Optional) You can choose to add a note to this contact by clicking on Add Note.  Information can be anything you like such as important information about the contact, how you met or any other internal notes. Notes will be be tied to this client file and shared with your team.

6. Once you are finished, click the Create New Contact button and your new contact will be added. 

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