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Users are your employees within your company who have access to projects and other capabilities that you can determine within SWELL.
To watch the video tutorial on users, roles and permissions, click here.

An Administrator Role within SWELL is the person(s) who has an all access overview of the system and is able to create, read, update and delete any information. This level also includes the ability to create, edit or delete the information of all users within SWELL. 

Before adding a new user be sure to have already set up your user roles. If you haven’t done so please follow this link to get started.
To add a new user:

  1. Click on Users > New User under the navigation menu. You can access this from the main dashboard or the side dashboard (if added). 

2. Fill in the details of the new user and assign their roll in the drop down menu. Note: To create a new roll for a user, click here.

3. Click Create User button at the bottom left. This will take you to a new page that lists All Users currently set up.

Now you will be able to view this user and their capabilities under the View Users tab in your dashboard menu. 

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